Building a Better Mind


"Dr. Schomer has put together one of the best books on the development of the mind I have ever seen. It is truly a masterpiece of not only scholarship, but also his personal experience during a lifetime of working with children and adults in building a better, more productive and culturally developed mind. It is a perfect blend of the traditional, tried and true methods of child development and the latest research in neuroscience, nutrition, and psychological development. As one who has also spent a lifetime studying brain and mind development, I can appreciate the critical nature of his book in providing to parents and grandparents the tools needed to maximize their child's neurodevelopment. Unlike many such books, Dr. Schomer has provided the reader with a truly holistic approach to brain and mind development. This is one of the most important books a parent can own and should be studied carefully and read often."

-Russell L. Blaylock, MD, CCN
Advanced Nutritional Concepts, LLC

"Building a Better Mind is an amazingly thorough and well-researched comprehensive holistic guide to enhancing mental and physical wellness, targeted to educators, professionals, parents of young children, and mature adults. Dr. Schomer has written an excellent guidebook to maximize growth and development of a healthy mind and body for all stages of life, an amazing accomplishment."

-Alan P. Levitt, OD
Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

"One of the great insights of modern biology is that our brain can be improved through it's neuroplasticity. BUILDING A BETTER MIND is an in-depth guide on how to do it, from childhood to elderhood."

-Larry Dossey, MD

"In Building a Better Mind, Mort Schomer shows us how to increase the mental capacity of our population and insure a better future for all. This highly-needed book should be read by everyone."

-Raymond Francis
Author: Never Be Sick Again

"I find this book to speak volumes on so many health issues; a book that belongs in everyones's day to day library. It spans all the ages."

-Barbara A. Udell, PhD

"Building a Better Mind presents a wealth of information regarding children and their growth and development. Dr. Schomer's knowledge and years of experience and research are obvious throughout the text."

-Rebecca J. Graham