Building a Better Mind

About the Book

This book offers a significant body of knowledge as well as new discoveries to empower readers to understand how the mind works. The insights from the hundreds of training procedures and suggestions that Dr. Schomer describes will be of value to any child or adult, whatever their label or diagnosis – whether attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, traumatic brain injury (TBI), dementia, or other mental disorder. Dr. Schomer’s teaching strategies will help you reach your maximum potential.

If you want to develop your thinking, language, creativity, and a lot more that makes us human, then objects in motion, space, and time—in other words, a model of the world—need to get into your body—into your brain—and into your mind. When you engage the physical realities, the mind builds the foundation for the mental transactions vital to meeting the demands of life today. Call it the software for the brain’s hardware to generate the thinking process.

Growing evidence shows that the brain and the mind can be physically and functionally changed, even improved, during your life span, regardless of age. Over 700 scientific references are cited. Dr. Morton Schomer’s concepts about building a better mind have been gathered throughout the sixty years of his work with children and adults with learning problems. His original model for mental development is corroborated by the books and thinking of contemporary neuroscientists.

Dr. Schomer opens his toolkit which contains innovative ways to turn on the plasticity switches of your brain. The healing diet, natural medicines, stress solution and many other ideas will unleash full mind power.

Trouble reading


2 DVDs, each about 2 hours!

If you know a child who is hyperactive, has poor handwriting, problems with reading or other intellectual skills, these DVDs will be invaluable. Use them to improve the abilities of youngsters with learning or behavioral problems. Yes, they may have 20/20 sight, but they may also have undiagnosed difficulties with hand-eye coordination or eye movement control. These video programs about perceptual development are designed by Dr. Schomer to help children get smarter, whether pre-school, in-school, and even if they are achieving students.